Our clients can’t download or install apps on their tablets, why is this?

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An instruction on how to allow iTunes and Google Play to work on tablets in your organization


None of our clients can download or install apps on their tablets. I can see a DENIED message in the log for iOS apps. There is nothing in the log for Android devices. Why is this?


To enable Appstore and Google play to work:

  1. Add iTunes and http://android.clients.google.com to Authentication exceptions.
  2. Create a whitelist policy, and add iTunes and http://android.clients.google.com

Appstore and Google play should now work.

It may be that you have to disable Chrome's Reduce Data usage feature. When this feature is enabled, all HTTP traffic from Chrome for Mobile gets redirected to a Google proxy at this address: compress.googlezip.net. The proxy then compresses the data and sends it back to the client.

For further information see: https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/data-compression-for-isps?visit_id=1-636244274910695710-532280161&hl=en&rd=1


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