How do I limit users to a specific Office365 Tenant?

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How to restrict Office365 to only work with the tenants you specify, for example,


You want to limit your users to only accessing your company or student Office 365 account and prevent them from accessing their personal accounts.


Note: The solution shown below requires HTTPS interception to be setup and working on the Guardian web filter — see

First we need to create a content modification:

1. Go to Guardian > Content modification > Content modifications.
2. Enter a name (for example, Office365 Tenant Restriction).
3. Enter the following under Request Headers to Override:

Restrict-Access-To-Tenants: domain.tld

Where domain.tld is the domain to be allowed through.

More than one domain can be added by separating them by commas - Restrict-Access-To-Tenants:,


Create a content modification policy, with the following aspects:

Go to Guardian > Content Modification > Policy Wizard.

Who - Everyone

What- Microsoft Office 365

Where - Everywhere

Action - Apply Office365 Tenant Restriction

For more detailed information on how this works please visit:

Use Tenant Restrictions to manage access to SaaS cloud applications



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