How do I set up the Aveco A2C Exams Migration application?

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Settings for the Aveco A2C Exams Migration application.


How to I set up the Aveco A2C Exams Migration application?


  1. Add the following domains to an existing custom allow category, or create a new one:

    Although the Aveco domains are in the Education and Reference category, it is recommended you add these to a new custom category first to ensure only Aveco domains are affected.

  2. Create an Allow web filter policy for the newly created Aveco category.
  3. Move the new policy above any block policies in the Web filter policies table.
  4. Add your Aveco custom category to Authentication exceptions.

Note: There is a risk in that access to the domains will be available without filtering or authentication.

Note: Authenticating proxies are not supported by Aveco.


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